William Nunley, MD

Psychotherapy : Psychiatry : Professional Consultation


I am a psychiatrist in Northeast Portland, Oregon providing the following services:

1. Psychiatric assessment

2. Psychotherapy

3. Professional consultation 

I seek to create a welcoming, collaborative, and personalized approach to your care. Please look around the site for more information about my practice. 

I am currently taking new patients and would be glad to talk with you to see if I can be of help.

Thank you for visiting my website and good luck finding your therapist.

I am a board certified adult psychiatrist. I completed four years of medical training at the University of Louisville School of Medicine (2004) and four additional years of supervised clinical practice at Oregon Health & Science University Adult Psychiatry residency program (2008). I have practiced psychotherapy since 2005. I care for adults (mostly, people age 18 to 65) who are ready to form a therapeutic relationship towards sustained improvements in a variety of personal and professional areas. 

In addition to enjoying the practice of psychiatry, I devote personal and professional time to community service. I developed a broad understanding of management during a one year appointment in Washington, DC and in one of the nation's best public health master's programs. I have found these experiences to be especially especially for developing a collaborative understanding of professional challenges for mental health practitioners, executives, physicians, and attorneys.  

Some of my additional experiences that may inform your consideration of a consultation with me include the following:

My professional work includes presenting at national conferences and publishing journal articles and textbook chapters on psychological trauma, substance abuse, and other mental health topics. I primarily am a clinician devoted to developing a collaborative, deep understanding of my clients' individual, subjective experience.